Here at No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place, we are lucky enough to work with some fantastic people. Due to the versatility of our venue we’ve worked with suppliers across a range of areas, from weddings and special occasions to corporate parties and private dining evenings. While each event is different most people will include an element of entertainment into their plans so today we’re getting to know one of our favourite entertainers better, singer Stella Bass.

Stella has performed at weddings, corporate events and private dining experiences here on many occasions so we thought it would be great to find out more about her and her career.

Tell us a Little About Yourself.

I’m small in stature but big in energy! I love what I do: I started studying music as a child and feel so lucky that I have the chance to have it now as my career. I took a circuitous route into full-time music, completing a degree in Science and enjoying a successful career in Marketing for a number of years. It was a tough decision to give up the security and enjoyment that that career offered – but music simply wouldn’t go away. It was a scary decision, as any new startup business owner will tell you, but ten years later, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Tell us About Your Business.

I am a singer and musician and can provide music for all parts of a couple’s special day. I sing at about 50 ceremonies a year (gosh, that must make it over 500 in the last ten years so!) and it might sound like a cliche but each one really is memorable. I have had couples come up to me years later saying, “ah, you sang at our ceremony in Carlow”…within a couple of moments of chatting to them and figuring out which church/venue it was, your mind so often just gets transported back! I also adore jazz music, and I perform a set of this fabulous music which goes down a storm at drinks receptions as the guests are starting to kick back and relax into the day.

No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place | Supplier Spotlight | Stella Bass

Stella Bass Performing at our Game Tasting Evening in No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place.

What’s Your Top Tip for Couples Using Your Services?

Always go see a singer/musician live in performance before you book them. With all the technology we have now, singers can be made to sound fantastic on a video (effects are often used even when the video is ‘live’) – nothing beats seeing and hearing your singer/band in a live performance situation. It’s a little more time-consuming catching different bands, but well worth it as you’ll know for sure what you’ll be getting on the big day!

Tell us About a Wedding That You Enjoyed Working on.

I have a funny feeling it’s one I’m about to work on. I’m travelling to Australia and am performing at a beach wedding over there (Home and Away is how I’m imagining it!!). It’s made all the better due to the couple being great friends of mine too.

No. 25 Fitzwilliam Place | Supplier Spotlight | Stella Bass

Stella Bass Performing at a Wedding in our Sister Venue, Suesey Street.

What do You do When You’re Not Working?

I love to play tennis…however Serena Williams has nothing to be worried about (although I might just beat her at karaoke!). When I can get the time, I enjoy reading. I’ve just finished a Masters degree in Music, so I’m enjoying getting back into books that don’t have a music focus!

What’s Your Top Tip for Corporate Clients Using Your Services?

Don’t be afraid to ask me questions! I was an event manager in a previous life, so I understand the importance of how getting the details tied down – and as early as possible – will really help in having the event run smoothly on the day/night. I also like to reciprocate and ask questions of my clients, just so I have as clear a picture as possible in my head of what the event entails, what part the music plays (is it background, is it post-dinner dancing etc.?) and how I can help in making my part of the overall event (i.e the music performance) run as smoothly as possible. I know event managers have a million things to think of, so if I can bring something from my little area of expertise that helps, I am always delighted to do that.

Tell us About an Event That You Enjoyed Working on.

I was brought over to Muscat, Oman a couple of years ago to perform with my band for the St Patrick’s Day Ball for the Irish and UK expat community there. The venue was magnificent and we had a little time to explore the area, which was so interesting and indeed, a part of the world I’d never been to before.


We think you’ll agree that Stella’s professionalism comes across in her responses and it’s easy to understand why it’s always a pleasure to have her come and sing in both No. 25 and our sister venue Suesey Street. The response to Stella has been so positive that we’ll be hosting performances with her on selected Saturdays in January and February in Suesey Street.

If you’d like to make a reservation for dinner and divine music you can do so here, we look forward to welcoming you!

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